Benjamin Villaverde


– Heels (Tacones)
– Le Futur

Director: Benjamin Villaverde

Running time:

– Heels: 23 mins
– Le Futur: 20 mins

Biography: Benjamin Villaverde, is a Spanish director of amateur short films. The productions are made with limited resources, but with much imagination. The participants of his movies are amateur, and locations are close to home. Stories are inspired by his own life. They deal with the loneliness and the difficulty of some humans in adapting to society, forcing them to live on the margins.


Heels Summary: “Heels” is a directorial debut, which won a prize at the Gijon International Film Festival in 2009. The film was made with a home video camera with Benjiamin as the actor, while using a stove to light the scenes. Shot in ten days, it only cost 25 euros. The story is about the loneliness of a man, and how trying to relate to other beings without breaking this isolation.”

Le Futur Summary: “Le Futur”, is his second short film. A comedy or mockumentary about the difficulty of fitting into a perfect society of the future, but that future is closer than we think. At the end of the filming of “Heels” Benjamin’s camcorder broke, “Le Futur” was shot with a Pentax photo camera. The end result being a succession of black and white photographs. The film is narrated in French, with a style similar to the shorts of the “Nouvelle Vague”, such as “La Jetée” by Chris Marker. Have a look at the trailer below:

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