Gala: Programme of Events

Edge of the City Programme 28th April 2012

12:30: Doors Open

13:00: Welcome to the Festival

All day The Way I See photographic exhibition by S. Marques and G. Pereira will be open to view

All day mobile phone competition: a 45 seconds shot from the Gala

13:15: Fiction 1
The Anchor (30 mins) Luke Daniels
Proximity (13 mins) Jide Fiser
Tell me about your Day (14 mins) Ed Christmas
Bleach (10 mins) Lynsey Miller
RUN TIME: 68 mins

14:40: Modern Blues and Jazz by Maciej Hrybowicz & Andrew Blake and drinks

15:00: Documentary 1
Ball and Chain (30 mins) Mark Craig
Londons No One (7 mins) Ben Oakley
All Ground is Holy (24 mins) Maria Court
I Dream in Colour (14 mins) Felix Elsen

16:20: Fashion Show by Asake Oge

16:50:  Documentary 2
The Turn (7 mins) Anna Gavronski
Fly Little Birds (25 mins) Emma Greaves
American Water (9 mins) Nick Jordan
Merci pour Tout (20 mins) Sonia and Fourate
RUN TIME: 61 mins

17:50:  Drinks

18:00: Fiction 2
In Which, a Wife Suffers a Loss (9 mins) Cheryl White
Heels (Tacones) (23 mins) Benjamin Villaverde
The Safest Place for Fruit is in Carmen Miranda’s Hat (10 mins) Kal Bonner
Have you Seen this Girl? (12 mins) Jonathan Luke
Jenny Ringo and the Monkey’s Paw (25 mins) Chris Regan
RUN TIME: 79 mins

19:20: Stand-up Comedy

19:50 Fiction 3
Wolf’s Clothing (Poki wik Syty) (18 mins) Olga Kalagate
Thrown (13 mins)  Ryd Cook
Le Futur (20 mins) Benjamin Villaverde
Trunks (12 mins) David Hewitt
Oak Trees (14 mins) Anthony Attah
RUN TIME: 78 mins

21:20: Awards Ceremony

21.50- 22.05 – Matthew Hawkins and his film: The Move, shot for the Festival and edited live.

22.10: Party

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