Has Danny Boyle had a great time while making “Trans”? He admitted himself in Sight&Sound April 2013 23(4), p. 60 that directing Trans during the preparation of the Olympics ceremony programme was like a sabbatical for him.  He first finished directing Frankenstein for the National Theatre and then felt he needed some distraction just to “keep us all sane during the Olympics” .  So it looks Trans was made as a distraction from the reality of East London and the rigour and the discipline of the Big Ceremony. Yet it was a distraction from any logic, rationality and sense at the same time.  Most beautiful art production, light, sound, edit and acting in the film representing the impossibility of logical reasoning between flashes of memory, dreams, impressions and as-if acts of violence.  Boyle points at the connections between Nicolas Roeg’s work and Trance (in fact it is Ryan Gilbey who does it and Boyle agrees), he even calls Trance “Roeg’s film” – orin otehr words “a hypnotically induced trance”. We don’t know after all who is who and what characters think they are. Are they real gangsters, or they dream about being them, or someone just induced that dream in their brains?  The film is a reflection on gangster movies, on Tarantino in the second (already interpreted and ironised instance), a twist on femme fatale movies (see Dominique Manion and James Ursini (2009) Femme Fatale: Cinema’s Most Unforgettable Lethal Ladies) and dreamy alternative realities of David Lynch. At the same time it is a very Danny Boyle film with its underlying hope for a better world in which all dreams can be sorted in some satisfying (not necessarily logical) manner. That is symbolised in the last scene, which I will not reveal here!

It is a pleasure to watch, but is not moving, shaking, or affecting our thinking or guts. It is a distraction from our own (Olympics) ceremonies we all have in life, and it so perfectly shot….



Ray Richardson is a Filmmaker and Artist. His paintings are more than just a mirror of everyday life. His subjects are drawn from his own experiences in London. He is coming with his second exhibition with the gallery ‘ Londons Topdog ’. On view for the first time will be a series of Lithographs produced exclusively by Master Printer Lee Turner from Hole Editions, Newcastle. Turner trained for years at the renowned Tamarind Institute in Albuquerque and has worked with, amongst others George Shaw and Turner Prize winner Richard Wright.

To view more about the exhibition Click Here.

To learn more about Ray visit his website at:

Fashion for divas and fashionistas

28th April- The Gala show’s Programme is full of new and attention-grabbing presentations. One of our highlights will be the Catwalk fashion show by an incredible designer, Asakeoge. The Nigerian rooted fashion designer has blown away some of London’s runway fashion show and achieved several awards for her great work.

Some of you may know her name from different fashion outlets such as the Guardian or Miss Ebene Magazine, though her brand has been more notable for her recent collection in African Fashion Week New York of July 2011.

Asake, whose taste in fashion unraveled at 8 years of age, has self-built into world star fashion icon whose work touches on identity and African ethnicity. Her exclusive pieces, which enhance the shape and beauty of women while presented in bold colours and prints are phenomenal. Interestingly her style is carried from her roots, though she has been intensely influenced by British Tailoring.

Book your tickets now to this see this amazing Catwalk. This one time opportunity assures you that you don’t have exhaust yourself crumbling for pricy Fashion Week tickets, instead you will participate in this very intimate event which will give you access to behind the scenes process of preparation and an opportunity to speak to and learn from the Designer!

Artist Rebecca Hope

Rebecca Hope has recently provided a workshop discussing the theme of identity through an unconventional portrait. She has studied Fine Art throughout her education and carried her achievement through her career path. Rebecca has screened and shown her work in several galleries in London since 1988. She has captured and illustrated art in a unique way such as, digital prints and video portraits. Rebecca has also made a film in response to a series of artist led workshops in a local hospice day care centre; it was reworked as a collaboration with Hutch Demouilpied, sound artist and composer. You can see some of her creations below:

To learn more about Rebecca Hope visit her website HERE.

Our Partners

Edge of the City are partners with a non-profit organisation called Peoples Voice, as well as HerCentre (

HerCentre is a charity which strives to make a difference in women’s lives and have been working closely with us bringing extraordinary memories for this year’s project.

Thursday 8th March marked International Women’s day. To celebrate this HerCentre invited many women around London together to unite and celebrate womanhood at Woolwich Town Hall.

We were taken through emotions as we heard people’s experiences of womanhood, but were suddenly enlightened by international dishes, fun activities and crafts workshops that followed.

Mathew Hawkins filmmaker at Edge of the City made a short film presentation which was led by several interesting comments concerning characters and the storyline.

Jessica 22, commented “I really like the concept of human experience because everyone can relate to it. Overall I have developed a sudden interest in film.

Soon after the short film the day was finalized with a dance work shop. StepZ workshop comprised of warm-ups and short easy routines.

Our partnership with HerCentre charity allowed many women to have this life changing experience. Edge of the City hopes to work with new organizations that will bring live events, opening days and short trips in the coming year.

Crazy Competition

Do you fancy being a prize winner?

You will have 45 seconds to create a short film with images on your phone based on thoughts of the Gala show.

You will be judged by the audience as a result.

So if you are competitive, creative or a quick thinker.

Book your tickets HERE to secure your place in the competition.

Don’t miss this chance, tickets are limited.

Buddy Hell

Buddy Hell, is one of our performances at the 28th of April ‘Awards Ceremony’ Gala. He has been performing since 1987, and will fortunately present a stand up comedy show for the wonderful audience. You will be happy to hear that his jokes do not entail the following:

-No ‘Uncle Tom’ style humour
-Absolutely no knob gags
-No gags about making tea/ the phone ringing whilst in the bath
-No girlfriends thinly disguised ‘mother-in-law/my wife’ jokes

-No average drug observation material
-No pandering to the lowest common denominator
-No racist/sexist material
-No cheap jokes at the expense of the dispossessed

In other words, he is experienced in his field, and so his act will be delightful to hear and watch!

Tickets are still available HERE.

We hope you come along and enjoy the day with us.

25th March 2012

Event Location:
67  Plumstead High Street,
Plumstead, London, SE18 1SB

Learn how to create your own film by attending our workshop tomorrow. You can find out how to manage voice, vision, and the overall filmmaking process.

You will also get a chance to see Red Desert 1964, a film about a Factory that begins to pollute local lakes with waste. Guiliana, is the wife of the plant manager who is ill, and try’s to hide her illness from her husband as best she can…or do things get worse?



Echo Of The Past

Echo Of The Past presents ‘The Terrence Tower’, a documentary whose main character is the high rise Psychiatric Centre in Rochester, New York. This building has loomed vacant on the cities edge since 1995, but once housed thousands of patients in a particular era of mental health care. They have been able to go inside and talk with some of those who lived and worked there in order to understand the impact this building had on their lives.

The film will be released on the 1st of June 2012. The films purpose is to give a voice to those who wish to share their experiences. If you have anything to say let your voice be heard, by sharing a comment.

This is a documentary film that embodies the real lives that had suffered. Echo of the Past tells a story that is often forgotten- the experiences of many under care. Have a look at the trailer below:


Its an effective and moving story that expresses a world of loss and emotion. To find out more simply click here.


Your competition to submit a treatment of a short documentary has been extended to the 10th of April. So if you thought it was too late for you, you now have another chance/ more time to submit. And of course, a chance to meet Marc Isaacs.

Take advantage of the extra time.

All the best, and Good Luck! We look forward to your submissions and seeing you at the Gala, so don’t forget to purchase a ticket while there still here.

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